9 Kinds Of L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinets For Excellent Choice

Housewives who want to have a spacious kitchen, you can freely enjoy the relaxed cooking process. But when your kitchen is not large enough, L-type cabinet is the best  choice, the use of well-designed corner saves space, but also form a wash, cut, fried perfect work area. The overall design of the pipeline, people with a very convenient. Here have nine kinds of L-type cabinets, teach you to use a small space to create the perfect L-shaped kitchen.


White L-shaped cabinet with the whole design is simple and clean. With wood floors make people feel warm and fresh. Clever use of L-shaped side as the dining table, dining area formed naturally.


Orange-red marble countertops with black and white like a chess tiles, bringing a deep sense of European retro charm. Unique dark gray walls can cover the kitchen fumes traces.


Big red countertops with white cabinets looks modern feel. Light blue walls and pale blue floor make the whole kitchen look fresh and comfortable. When you are cooking dishes when, looking out the window of peach trees, as if to smell the lovely fragrance.


The L-shaped kitchen is modern with white and red. Metal bezel on the stove for easy daily cleaning. L-shaped side of the bar with a glass of freshly squeezed juice bright is leisure while a good choice.


Closed design on the stove wall like a country kitchen, the kitchen was filled with romantic French country style. Multi-drawer and multi-door design, show a strong storage features that make kitchen storage which can be categorized. Embedded in the oven under the stove where rational use of space.


Light gray L-shaped cabinets bring a faint gentle beauty. Rounded handle design matched with the entire section cabinets with comfort grip. The kitchen showed a moderate lines, filled with quiet rural atmosphere. Touch of green on the window frames have decorated the entire kitchen.


Full L-shaped kitchen by wooden texture pattern with gray marble countertops had exudes rich natural flavor. Hanging cupboard in the corner with unique design embedded shelves and put a few of the recipes for convenient and practical. Stove placed on the shelf from small to large small cup can add a touch of the joys of life.


White cabinets with wood color countertops make the kitchen seem spacious and bright. L-placed side refrigerator can saving space. Cupboard cleverly designed to allow the plate both neatly placed and took the water naturally drain. Yellow flowers on the windowsill to bringing a breath of spring.


Maximize the use of space and clever use of L-type cabinets, so tiny attic seem spacious. Bold black main colors had highlighting the perfect idea. L-shaped side as became glass, an increase of permeability in the visual sense.

Source From: 1stjc

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