5 models glamor Kitchen Design

Dark green and light brown, the same can be your kitchen color scheme. Dark green stove, low-key and simple, brown and ring lines with cabinetry, highlights the charm and natural feeling. Space is very quiet. With two red chairs, it will not be too boring.

If space is not large enough and the table does not fit, you can placement in the corner a small table, accompanied by a few of the high chair, in the light irradiation, quite pub feel and atmosphere. Although the space is small, but in the midst of which, still make you feel a deep sense of romantic atmosphere.

Stainless steel stove and cabinets in the kitchen has making space and elegant atmosphere. L-placement approach not only saves space, but also the middle of large open space. One side is a huge floor to ceiling windows, ensuring lighting. Cabinets above the circular windows, enhanced sense of art.

If your kitchen space is large enough, you can put the table into the kitchen. At the table, placing a quite artistic lights.  Not only convenient, but also to create a mood. Dining table and the kitchen can be different colors, seemingly two kinds of style, but in reality is an ingenious way of functional zoning.

Similar to the mosaic tile wall texture for space forming an unusual style. Smooth and uniform color tiles, lie in the space seem orderly. Hanging paper lanterns (away from the stove), more flavor, but also for your dining adds to the romance.

Source From: ELLE

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